Caught on Tape & News Videos




* Woman Attacked and Robbed Leaving Stop and Go Store

* CHP Officer Danny Benavides Killed in Plane Crash

* Sheriff Joe Arpaio Won’t Run for Arizona Governor

* Waiter Attacked by Customers

* Phuong Le Missing Person News Story

* Burglary of Esther’s Bakery

* Hostage Taken and Wild Police Chase in Mexico

* Police Shootout in Hamilton, Montana

* Marion High School Teacher Stealing Money From Student’s Lockers

* What is a Policeman?

* Collinsville Comfort Inn Motel Robbery

* Newark Sexual Assault Suspect Shoots at Witness

* Double Murder Suspect Jeffrey Weisheit Arrested After Police Chase

* Lavonte Drummer and Dominic Davis Arrested for Oakland Beating

* El Paso Sheriff  Detention Officer Arthur Redelfs Killed by Cartels

* Policia Federal Habla Del Las Fuerzas Federales

* Jorge Casteneda Habla Del Combate Contra Narcotraficantes

* Armed Robbery of Liquor Store in Los Angeles Ramparts Division

* Podcast 4/20/10

* 70 Year Old Man Helps Store Owner Fight Off Robber

* Man Has His Finger Torn Off  by Robber Stealing His iPod

* Tiansheng Yu Brutally Attacked Video Released by Oakland Police

* Drug War Is Strangling the Economies of Mexican Border Cities

* Detroit Bus Driver Allegedly Assaulted by Two Women

* Mabry Landor III Sentenced to Death For Murder of Houston Police Officer Timothy Abernathy

* Fight in Oakland Beauty Salon

* Suspects Allegedly Targeting Asian Victims to Beat and Rob

* Fugitive Watch Podcast For 3/29/10

* Eric Alexander Toscano Shot and Killed at His Birthday Party

* Nashville Police Officer Shoots Three Robbery Suspects

* 6 Year Old Azahel Cruz Shot and Killed by Alleged Gang Drive By Shooting

* Fugitive Watch Podcast for 3/22/10

* Man Dressed as Leprechaun Killed by Police in Shootout After Bank Robbery

* Man Admits To Attacking Children For Thrills At A Wal-Mart

* Hundreds of Terrified 911 Calls Report Major Shootout Between Mexican Army and Drug Cartels

* Reedley Police Officer Javier Bejar Dies After Being Shot By a Crazed Gunman

* American Consulate In Mexico Closed Due To Increasing Violence

* Fresno Sheriff’s Deputy Killed and Reedley Police Officer Wounded in Shootout

* Mother and Boyfriend Identified & Wanted for Allegedly Using 5-Year Old Girl to Steal Purse

* Mexican President Felipe Calderon Trying to Save Juarez

* Fight onboard an AC Transit Bus in Oakland

* Investigative Discovery Promo for “I Almost Got Away With It”

* Law Enforcement Has New Tool to End High Speed Pursuits

* Bail Bondsman Shoots at Fugitive Watch-News Story 

* Store Brawl Caught on Tape

* Suspects Allegedly Steal Birthday Packages from Front Porch

* Horrific Crash of News Helicopter While Filming Bank Robbery

* 15 Year Old Peter Montenegro Wanted for Alleged Shooting of Ice Cream Vendor

* Suspect Arrested Confesses He Was Ordered to Kill Everyone

* Juarez Massacre of 15 Teenagers Still Unsolved

* Police Officers Under Attack

* Xiao “Ben” Xiong Luo Murder 911 Tape Recording

* Five Wounded in Backyard Shootout

* Man Allegedly Stealing Donations Meant for Haiti Earthquake Victims

* Gilbert, Arizona Police Officer Killed in the Line of Duty

* Mexican Police in Gun Battle to Free Kidnap Victim

* More Than 20 Murders in First Five Days of 2010

* British Businessman Jim McCormick Accused of Selling Fake Bomb Detectors

* Mexican Police and Drug Cartel in Major Gunbattle in Veracruz, Mexico

* Teenagers Caught on Tape Allegedly Stealing a Puppy From Pet Store

* Shah Hancock Shot in Back in Robbery for His Pants

* 16 Drug Cartel Members and 2 Mexican Soldiers Killed in 5 Hour Gun Battle in Acapulco

* Civil War Next Door-Possible Threat to America

* Man with Gun Threatens 7-11 Clerk During Armed Robbery

* CHP Officer Shot During Shootout Robbers of Oakland Walgreens

* San Jose Boy is Struck by Car Driver and then the Scene

* Caught on Tape-Man is Allegedly Stealing Donations for Haiti Earthquake Victims

* Severed Head of Cratel Gang Member Left at Tomb of Drug Cartel Kingpin

* Dixie County Sheriff’s Captain Chad Reed Shot and Killed by Double Murder Suspect

* Ride Along With Body Recovery Teams in Mexico’s War with Drug Cartels

* Three Tijuana High School Students Gun Downed by Drug Cartel in Front of School

* Fugitive Watch Show #181 Part #1

* Comcast Newsmakers Interview with CEO and Host Steve Ferdin Shown on CNN Headlines News

* Woman Allegedly Goes on Rampage in McDonalds

* El Paso’s Most Wanted

* Robbery of the Riverdale Food Center in Fresno County

* Thieves Break into a Miami Foot Locker


* Man with Gun Robs a Circle-K Store

* Mexican Drug Cartel Retaliates and Murders the Family of a Marine Killed in Action

* Mexican Police Officers Tried to Arrest Drug Cartel Leaders at a House in Nogales on US Border

* Bakersfield Police Kill Alleged Gunman Darrin Hogg in Shootout

* Mexican Drug Cartel Leader Arturo Beltran Leyva was killed in Shootout with Mexican Navy

* Thieves Break into New York Police Officers Rental Car as They Attend Funeral for 4 Murdered Lakewood Police Officers

* Alleged DUI Crash Caught on Tape

* Mexican Marines Land on Mazatlan Beach to Battle Drug Cartels

* Pregnant Woman Sees an Alton Police Officer Being Attacked by Three Men and Goes to His Aid

* Mexican Federal Police in Major Gunbattle-Warning Graphic Images of Dead Bodies-May be Considered Disturbing

* Penn Hills Police Officer Michael Crawshaw Shot and Killed

* Burglary of a Marijuana Clinic 

* Woman kills intruder as she is on the phone with the 911 police call taker WARNING VERY INTENSE AND DISTURBING

* Thomas Bennett Shot by Alamo Jewelry Mart Owner During Alleged Armed Robbery

* Bouncers from the Club 40/40 Owned by Hip Hop Star Jay Z Allegedly Beat Customers

Garland County Sheriff’s deputies in shootout with the suspects of the murder of a family of  five

* Cop Killer Maurice Clemmons Shot and Killed by a Seattle Police Officer

* Fresno Jewelry Store Robbed in Take Over Style Robbery

* Mexican Police Officers and Army Soldiers are being Captured and Beheaded by Drug Cartels in Drug War

* Theft of Purse from San Jose Lucky Store

Christian Alvarez Pleads Guilty to the Ruthless Murder of US Border Patrol Agent Robert Rosas

BART Police Officer and Suspect Accidentally Injured During Arrest

Glass Expert States Not a Lot of Force Needed to Break BART Station Glass Window

Listen to 911 Calls and Police Traffic During Westminster, Colorado Bank Robbery and Shootout

Five More Mexican Police Officers Killed, 47 this Year in Juarez, Mexico

Brave Police Woman Shoots Bank Robber

Is Mexico Slipping into Anarchy? Somalia South of the Border

Mexican Federales vs Municipal Police Officers in the State Nuevo Leon

Chino Hills Jewelry Store Robbery

Drug War in Tijuana Growing Worse

Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Deputies Investigate Car Fires in El Sobrante and Richmond

Christopher Monfort Alleged Killer of  Seattle Police Tim Brenton is Shot by Detectives

A Loyal Partner-The Story of the San Jose Police K9 Unit

Prisoners Rescue Guard Attacked by Another Inmate

Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan Massacres US Soldiers at Fort Hood Texas

San Jose Police Become First in the Nation to Wear Mini Cameras on Their Ears

Seattle Police Officer Timothy Brenton Shot and Killed While Sitting in His Patrol Car

Mexican Army in Shootout with Drug Gang in Border City of  Reynosa, Mexico Near Pre-School, Children Evacuated

Rival Mobster is Gunned Down Mafia Hit Man in Front of a Restaurant-Warning Graphic Images-May Be Disturbing

Woman Shoots Son Then Herself at Gun Range-Warning Graphic Images-May Be Disturbing

American Police Officers Respond After Mexican Army gets into Shootout Near US Border

Bank Robber Prays with Victim Before Tying Her Up

Brazilian Drug Gang Shoots Down Police Chopper During Shootout

Suspect Follows 90 Year Old Man Then Allegedly Assaults Him in Robbery

Baby Stroller Rolls onto Railroad Tracks Train Runs Over It Baby Survives

Amazing Shootout at Route 66 Bar in Toledo, Ohio

Brave Police Officers Rescue Disabled Couple and Children from Burning Car

Colton Harris-Moore Teen Being Sought for Allegedly Committing 50 Burglaries and Stealing 3 Airplanes

Navarro County Car Chase Has Dramatic Ending

Vending Machine Break In Caught on Tape

3 Killed When Car Crashes Head On into School Bus in Tucson Arizona

Barry Lee Hooker Shot by Store During an Alleged Robbery

Chuck E. Cheese Take Over Robbery Caught on Tape

13 Year Old Josh Cichy Shoots Men That broke Into His Home

Jeremy Tuffly Arrested for Allegedly Trying to Feed His Kitten to a Python

Cape Girardeau Police Officers Attacked as They Respond to a Street Fight

Mexican Riot Police Do Battle with Rioting Crowd in Mexico City

4 Month Old Infant Shot and Killed by Gang Members in Los Angeles

Suspects Allegedly Use Bolt Cutters to Steal a High End Arcade Video Game From a Vietnamese Coffee Shop

Cain Castillo Casteneda Wanted for Murder of Two Police Officers  Arrested After Tip to Fugitive Watch

San Jose Police Need Help to Identify Females That Allegedly Rob Jack in the Box on Curtner Avenue

Paul Phillip Escaped Killer Speaks Out About His Escape

Car Slams into a Wall Narrowly Missing Little Girl

82 Year Old Man is Brutally Beat and Robbed in Downtown San Jose-Scott Castruita Reports on Location

8 Year Old Fern Creek Kentucky Girl Hides in Her House and Calls 911 During a Home Invasion Robbery-Watch Video Here

Mayor Issues Orders Police-Do Not Chase Criminals on Foot or Cars

San Jose Police Need Help to Identify Malibu Grill Thieves

Gunman Kills Police Officer and Passenger in Mexico City Subway Shooting Spree

Homeowner Shoots and Kills Home Invasion Intruder Roberto Vega-Gil

Phillip Paul a Criminally Insane Killer Walks Away While on a Field Trip to County Fair

Car Chase Caught on Tape-Police Pursue 7 Year Old Driving a Car

Violent Armed Robbery of Miami Beauty Supply Store

A White Belleville West High School Student is Allegedly Beat by Black Students for Allegedly Sitting Next to Them

Drivers Ignore Man Shot by Robbers

Marion County Sheriff’s Deputy Stops a Naked Man Riding a Motorcycle

Mexican Government in Deadly Fight to the Death with Drug Cartels-Part 1-Watch Video Story Here-Warning Contains Graphic Images

Mexican Government in Deadly Fight to the Death with Drug Cartels-Part 2-Watch Video Story Here-Warning Contains Graphic Images

How Would You Like to be a Cop for a Day?

A 71 Year-Old Store Clerk Mercilessly Beaten by Teens in Florissant Missouri Gas Station

Mexican Army Soldiers in Shootout with Gulf Cartel Gunmen in Michoacan

Police Shootout Caught on Tape Shows the Danger Our Police Officers and Sheriff’s Deputies Face

Family Massacred in Mobile Home in New Brunswick Georgia-Listen to 911 Call to The Police Here

Hasanni Campbell Believed to be Dead and Foster Parents Jennifer Campbell and Louis Ross Arrested

Burglary of Cal-Micro in San Jose

U.S. Indicts Mexican Cartel Leaders for Selling $5 Billion Worth of Drugs

San José Police Department Back to School Safety

Man Arrested for Allegedly Driving a Stolen Van to Court

FBI Need Help To Identify an Armed and Dangerous Serial Bank Robber That Has Robbed 10 Banks

Mexican Army Special Forces Commandos Gone Rogue Working for Drug Cartels

Escape of 53 Dangerous Prisoners From Mexican Cieneguillas Prison Caught on Surveillance Camera