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California Teachers Association Riddled with Child Molesters Calls Cops Racist


Since we are generalizing lets do this. In one paragraph CTA  ( California Teachers Association ) said we are racist and have white fragility and bolster white terrorism and support White Supremacy. This is rich coming from an organization plagued by their own issues like Child Molesters. So we should all assume they are all Child Molesters among other things Teachers have been arrested for. I for one have always supported teachers and fought along side of them and have family members and friends who are California teachers. They do not agree with their Union and their Union should not seek to divide people as they are doing here. They truly should clean their own house before they make unsubstantiated blanket statements referred to as hateful rumors. You have demonstrated you are the worst of what you accuse others of. Teachers should stick to teaching and leave the hatred remarks to the uneducated. You need to spend your time making a difference not causing a division. Shame on all of you! They would like to hear from you, I’m sure. 650-697-1400

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