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CHP arrest Charles Lafferty in Hwy 101 Projectile Investigation

The CHP announced an arrest Thursday afternoon in connection to the 69 cases of projectiles being launched at cars on Highway 101 and SR-56 in the Prunedale area. The CHP confirmed the suspect, 52-year-old Charles Lafferty, was arrested on several charges relating to the projectile incidents.

The suspect is now in the Monterey County Jail. The CHP believes the man used marbles and a sling shot to hit the vehicles. They believe Lafferty is the only perpetrator in the series of incidents. There have been 69 incidents of projectiles hitting cars since February 2019. The last incident was on Jan. 5. Five people have suffered minor injuries from broken glass.

Charles Lafferty

CHP arrest Charles Lafferty in Hwy 101 Projectile Investigation

Officials said Thursday they are thankful the injuries were not more severe. The CHP says the investigation is still on going. The press conference on this “significant breakthrough” in the investigation began at 1:30 p.m., where police confirmed the arrest in the case.

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