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Stolen van with About 25 to 30 Rescue Dogs Recovered in Oakland

A pet transportation van with about 25 to 30 rescue dogs inside has been found in Oakland after being reported stolen early Monday morning in Fremont. Now, authorities are working to make sure all the dogs are accounted for.

Police say the suspect may have attempted to sell the dogs before police were able to locate the van. They are asking for anyone who may have purchased a dog to contact the Oakland Police Department. Police say they spotted the van at 81st Avenue and Olive Street in Oakland.

D&J’s Pet Transport had posted pictures of the van on social media asking for users to share in order for the dogs’ safe return. The white 2016 Ford Transit 350 was taken between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. from the Extended Stay in Fremont, police said.

The van, which was equipped with GPS, was transporting the dogs to other places in the country, according to police. Oakland police say they worked with the Fremont department to lead to the recovery of the van. “We have reason to believe that they were maybe traveling around selling the dogs so it looks like it was planned,” said Oakland Police Lt. Bryan Hubbard.

As of Monday night, police are unsure how many dogs are missing or have been sold because the owner of the van was unable to tell them how many dogs she was transporting in the first place. The owner claims the paperwork was stolen when the van was stolen. The Oakland Animal Shelter confirmED they have 24 dogs in their possession.

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