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Person in Custody After an SUV Drove Through Woodfield Mall in Schuamburg

One person is in custody after an SUV crashed into the Sears at Woodfield Mall in Schuamburg and then drove through the shopping center Friday afternoon, police said. Schaumburg police said no major injuries have been reported, only minor injuries.

Witnesses said the dark-colored SUV initially drove into the entrance to Sears shortly before 2:30 p.m., then continued on through the store and into the mall where it careened down the center aisle, smashing into storefronts and kiosks. The driver was taken into custody in a tea shop in the mall.

the man appeared coherent, and displayed no remorse or emotion. He did not offer any explanation for what he allegedly did. Police said no shooting occurred despite some social media reports, and there is no evidence there was ever an active shooter situation.

Mall officials released a statement saying, “The authorities believe this to be an isolated incident involving one person who has been arrested. We are grateful no one was injured, and thank our security team and the police for their quick response.”

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