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Man was on Dash-cam Video Riding an Electric Scooter on I-35E in Dallas

A man was captured on dash-cam video riding an electric scooter on I-35E in Dallas during the busy morning rush hour on Monday. He could be seen crossing over from the far-left lane and through four lanes of traffic — calmly.

Weatherl said traffic had suddenly slowed down in the far-left lane and that he wanted to get closer to check it out. “I was obviously surprised that somebody, you know, would think it’s a good idea to take a scooter onto the highway. Pretty funny. Obviously, the fact that he didn’t get hurt made it funny rather than scary,” Weatherl said.

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Lime, a ride-share scooter company in Dallas, said its scooters are legally not allowed on highways and that state law allows their use only on roads where the posted speed limit is 35 mph or less. The company has not said if the man was riding one of its scooters.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott also responded on Twitter to the now-viral video, saying “That does it. I believe in less government. But allowing these scooters on crowded interstate highways is bad government and endangers public safety. Action is needed.”

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