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Baltimore Police Sgt. Shot at Methadone Clinic, Suspect Dead

Sgt. Bill Shiflett and Ofc. Christopher Mills
Baltimore Police Sgt. Shot at Methadone Clinic, Suspect Dead

Baltimore Police Sgt. Shot at Methadone Clinic, Suspect Dead

Two people are dead, including the suspect, and two people, including a Baltimore City police sergeant, were injured in a shooting at a drug rehabilitation center in Baltimore Monday morning.

Police responded to a report of an active shooter situation at a methadone clinic in the 2100 block of Maryland Avenue around 7:09 a.m.

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When officers arrived they were told by people outside that there was a person inside with a gun who had fired shots inside the building.

The officers entered the building and encountered an armed person, who they told to drop the weapon, but instead, the suspect opened fire on the officers.


Sgt. Bill Shiflett was injured in the shooting at a Baltimore methadone clinic.
The gunman was killed after opening fire on police.
An employee of the methadone clinic injured. She has non-life threatening injuries.
Another person found dead inside the clinic.

The officers returned fire, but one was shot by the suspect. Another officer dragged the sergeant to safety.

Sgt. Bill Shiflett, 51, was shot in the abdomen and immediately taken into surgery at Shock Trauma. That sergeant is now recovering from surgery.

The suspect was transported to an area hospital where he was pronounced dead. A gun was found on the scene.

Another man was found with multiple gunshot wounds inside the clinic in a separate room. He was rushed to an area hospital where he died from his injuries. A staffer also sustained non-life threatening injuries.

Harrison said he’s already reviewed the body-worn camera footage from the scene of the shooting.

He also met with the sergeant’s family and told the public to keep the sergeant in their prayers.

Witnesses told WJZ the suspect allegedly tried to steal medication from the clinic before opening fire.

Another witness told WJZ he lives in the same apartment building as the suspect just a block from where the shooting took place.

“I never thought that he would do stuff like that,” the man said.

Police are also hailing one of their officers, Christopher Mills, as a hero after he put his own life at risk. Miller, 32, who’s been with the department since 2016, dragged Shiflett to safety after he was shot.

He’s being labeled a hero for potentially saving his sergeant’s life.

“This was a dangerous situation that could have been far worse for our officers, but they showed extreme courage, extreme bravery and showed extreme professionalism, all of which was captured on body-came video,” Harrison said.

That body-worn camera video won’t be released for another week, per new department policy.

Doctors said Shiflett was awake and talking when he arrived at the hospital. After an urgent operation, Shiflett was placed in ICU. He’s in stable condition.

Police held a press conference outside of Shock Trauma where Baltimore city first responders are gathering to support the Shiflett and his family. Shiflett is a father of two daughters.

Prayers for the officer were being shared across social media Monday, including Gov. Larry Hogan.

“I ask all Marylanders to join me in wishing a full and speedy recovery to Sgt. Billy Shiflett of the Baltimore City Police Department,” Hogan said.

Baltimore City Council President Brandon Scott also issued a statement on the shooting in part saying:

“My heart is with Sgt. Shiflett and the clinic employee as they recover in the hospital after surgery. I thank the officers for their courage in responding to the situation. This was dangerous for all involved. My prayers are also with the loved ones of those who were impacted by this incident.


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