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Tulsa Police Shooting Man on Freeway Caught on Camera

Tulsa Police Shooting Man on Freeway Caught on Camera

Shocking video footage shows the moment a cop shoots dead a gunman who opened fire outside an Oklahoma shopping center, wounding two.

Derrec Shaw, 25, was shot dead after he fired at two people outside of a Tulsa strip mall on May 10.

Derrec Shaw

Derrec Shaw shot and killed by Tulsa police.

Both of those victims were treated at a Tulsa hospital and are expected to survive.

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Shaw’s family reported that he was acting erratically and strangely when he left his home. Witnesses then reported seeing him walk through the neighborhood waving a gun.

The suspect first arrived at Cici’s Pizza at the intersection of South Peoria Avenue and Interstate 44 and opened fire outside, wounding a person walking outside the restaurant.

That victim exited Cici’s to make a phone call when Shaw fired at him three times, striking the victim once in the shoulder.

Video footage from inside Cici’s shows the manager notice Shaw and lock the door, barring him from entering and saving the dozens of patrons inside.

The gunman then went next door and began shooting at a restaurant called China Wok, wounding one person there.

The gunman stood outside the restaurant toying with his gun when the second victim opened the door and Shaw fired at him, hitting him in the chin.

After opening fire, Shaw then ran from the shopping center to the nearby Peoria Inn.

At the Inn, he pointed his gun at the hotel clerk and paced the lobby before leaving, according to the Tulsa Police Department.

The suspect then left the hotel to stand on the I-44 road pointing his gun at vehicles.

Cops approached Shaw and shot him dead.

An officer fired twice using a patrol rifle. One bullet hit and killed Shaw at the scene.

The armed cop was heard saying, ‘Hold traffic! Hold traffic! He’s got a gun!’ moments before shooting him.

‘The suspect is down. Stay on the ground! Let me see your hands!’ the officer says.

‘Further investigation revealed the suspect had attempted to carjack at least 2 vehicles and pointed his weapon at multiple victims, shooting 2, both expected to survive,’ the Tulsa Police Department posted on Facebook on Tuesday.

According to prison records, Shaw is an ex-convict who served time in prison for larceny from a house.

He was later convicted for possession of a firearm after a former felony conviction.

In July 2018, charges of robbery with a firearm were dismissed against him after a witness for the prosecution failed to appear at the hearing, as per KJRH.

A Police Department public information officer said the officer followed proper training in stopping Shaw despite discharging his service weapon on a highway and then running into traffic, as per Tulsa World.

The officer who killed Shaw said that if he didn’t shoot, more pedestrians would have been placed in danger.

As of Tuesday the officer was on administrative leave and will be identified following an investigation by the Tulsa County District Attorney’s Office.


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