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Marana Police Officer Involved Shooting Caught on Camera

Marana Police Officer Involved Shooting Caught on Camera

Stabbing Suspect Juan Padilla Shot and Killed by Police

Marana Police Officer Involved Shooting Caught on Camera

It all began with a violent stabbing that led to a deadly officer-involved shooting in Marana on March 31.

Friday night, May 17 KOLD News 13 was able to get a look at what happened during that incident, as it unfolded right in front of the officer.

The body camera footage was first reviewed by the Pima County Attorney’s Office, who in a separate letter, decided not to charge the officer with a crime.

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The video we’re going to show is disturbing, though we have blurred out the most graphic images, it may be hard for some to hear or watch. We felt it was important to share all public information. We obtained this video through a freedom of information act request, and with it, the county attorney’s explanation of what took place.

Marana Police Officer Stephen Copp was first to arrive at the home on March 31, around 8 a.m. and found the homeowner outside the home, stabbed and crawling for safety. It was then Officer Copp learned the suspect, later identified as Juan Padilla, was still inside with a woman. The officer found Padilla on top of the female victim, stabbing her with a steak knife.

In the video Officer Copp ordered Padilla to drop the weapon a total of 11 times, he never complies and asks several times to be shot. At one point in the video, Padilla gets up off the victim and stands up about five feet from Officer Copp. He is then shot three times, he would later die from his wounds.

In the Pima County Attorney’s Office report they found the shooting to be justified, saying:

“Padilla’s non-compliance and previous use of the knife to stab and severely injure two victims made it reasonable for Officer Copp to conclude that the victim was in imminent danger of again being stabbed.”

The report then goes on to say: “It was also reasonable for Officer Copp to believe that Mr. Padilla would try to stab him.”

Police reports released with the video state that Padilla and the woman were at a bar the night before and were invited to the house by the homeowner.

The woman called 911 after waking up to find Padilla stabbing the man.

Both victims are recovering from their wounds.

We have only shown a portion of the video that was included in the report.


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