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Uber Driver Gebrele Amare of Oakland Allegedly Kidnapped and planned to Rape two Women

Gebrele Amare an Oakland man accused of kidnapping and planning to rape two women who ordered Uber rides in the East Bay has been arrested. Officials said the two separate incidents happened on May 2 with two separate Uber passengers. Authorities said the first victim, a woman in her 20’s, ordered an Uber in Berkeley on May 2 around 5:30 a.m. to take her to work.

During that ride, the rideshare driver, who was later determined to be 23-year-old Gebrele Amare of Oakland, told the woman he was not going to take her to work and refused to let her out of the car or use her phone. The woman ended up jumping from the car while it was still moving in order to escape, authorities said.

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She was able to run to a nearby gas station for help. The woman received minor injuries. The second incident involved a female teen who later that same morning came forward and said Amare had allegedly touched her as soon as she got into the car.

The victim said she demanded to get out of the car but Amare had locked the door to prevent her from leaving. The victim told authorities Amare let her out after she threatened to break the car window. Amare was arrested on May 9 near Ashby Avenue and Telegraph Avenue. He now faces charges of kidnapping with intent to rape.

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