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Eight People Charged in Connection With Rising gun Crime in San Jose

Rosen on Monday announced the arrests of eight people who are charged in connection with rising gun crime in San Jose’s Seven Trees District. Each dot on a so-called “heat map” of the city represents a gun crime. “There were threads to many of those dots, we saw the same guns, the same suspects and the same steady stream of bloodshed,” the DA said.

The joint local-federal effort, named Operation Redwood, lead to the arrests of eight men, including 26-year old Jose Ramirez, who is linked to a shooting death in December of 2018. Among evidence seized in several raids last month were several weapons, including an assault rifle, cash, drugs and equipment to manufacture illegal drugs.

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“It’s not just taking the bad guys off the street, it’s taking the right bad guys off the street and making sure they answer for their crimes,” said Jack Bennett with the FBI. “No neighborhood should have to live in fear and be victimized because a small number of individuals in that neighborhood have firearms,” said San Jose Police Chief Eddie Garcia.

Led by the district attorney’s crime strategies unit, investigators used that heat map and other crime analysis to take a closer look at a patchwork of gun-related incidents in the seven trees area says deputy District Attorney Marisa McKeown. “So this was really just a coordinated effort to go and address on going investigations that were popping up at the sheriff’s office, at the FBI and at San Jose PD,” she said.


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