San Francisco Bay Area Violent Crime

Couple Robbed After Winning Money at Casino in San Pablo

A couple won thousands of dollars at a casino in San Pablo over the weekend, only to have it stolen on their ride home. They stopped at a nearby Walgreens only to be held at gunpoint. The suspects followed them from the casino and left with all their cash.

“You better keep your eyes open when you go to a casino because you don’t know who may be in there watching you,” said San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe. “They were just on their way home, probably happy as can be, having won a good size of money.” Prosecutors say James Brisker IV, Eric Hamilton and Jaymon Matthews drove behind the couple from San Pablo to South San Francisco and followed them into the Walgreens parking lot and stole their $2,400.

“They had picked them as a target obviously. We know they were inside the casino watching and from San Pablo all the way to South San Francisco,” Wagstaffe said. “They pulled their car in, blocked them and used a gun to rob them.” The victims were able to get a description of the suspects vehicle and the license plate number.

They called 911 quick to report what happened. “These guys were caught within minutes because of an immediate all points bulletin went out and they didn’t get to San Francisco before they were caught by the Daly City Police Department,” the district attorney said. Wagstaffe says the suspects are facing serious state prison time — having already lengthy records. The victims were able to get their winnings back and the wife’s purse was also returned to her.

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