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11 Mexican Police Officers Kidnapped After Ambush Caught on Camera

11 Mexican Police Officers Kidnapped
11 Mexican Police Officers Kidnapped After Ambush Caught on Camera

11 Mexican Police Officers Kidnapped After Ambush Caught on Camera

This is the chilling moment three police officers were forced to kneel at gunpoint as a criminal gang kidnapped a unit of 11 cops off the street in east-central Mexico.

State Police agents were patrolling the city of Juan Galindo, in the state of Puebla, when they were rounded up following a shootout in the middle of a street approximately at 7 pm local time Saturday.

Mexico news outlet Periodico Central reported that the cops had just concluded an operation that had prevented a gang from illegally tapping an oil refinery in the northern parts of Puebla.

The Mexican government has been involved in an ongoing battle with criminal organizations who, over the last couple of years, have used oil theft to enrich themselves.

Since 2016, the state oil company Petroleos Mexicanos, or PEMEZ, has suffered a shortfall of almost $7.4million in stolen fuel.

The theft of oil has also led to an open war between cartels, leaving scores of thugs and innocent people dead.

The criminal gang chased after the police officers, unleashing a hail of bullets near a hotel in the town of Nuevo Necaxa before the shocking abduction.

A pair of still images taken by bystanders at the scene shows three of the 11 police officers kneeling next to their department pickup truck.

A suspect holding a military assault rifle stood behind the cops.

Another photo that also went viral on social media shows how a cop is peeking towards his right, perhaps trying to get a description of his captors while his partners looked down.

A gunman watches over three cops that were subdued following a shootout in the middle of a street in the city of Juan Galindo in east-central Mexico on Saturday night. The cops were part of a unit of 11 police officers that had disrupted the illegal tapping of an oil refinery but they were later chased down by the gang. The cops were safely released early Sunday morning

Witnesses told 911 responders that the gunmen outnumbered the cops, which included unit commander Benigno Valencia, before they managed to disarm them.

The cops were subsequently forced inside two pickup trucks and a car.

The thugs took off and headed northeast on a road towards the region of Hidalgo and Veracruz.

The cops, who were not injured, were found on a highway at 6 am local time Sunday and taken to hospital for medical evaluations.

No arrests have been reported.


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