San Francisco Bay Area Sex Crime

Stanford Lecturer, Juilliard-Trained Musician Arrested for Naked Peeping

This isn’t the first time the Stanford lecturer and prestigious musician has been arrested for prowling, but the latest time was caught on camera at a home on Meadowslands Lane. You can see Mark Veregge in the video walking naked in front of the home.

He knocked on the front door, looked through a window, and then fled the scene. San Jose police say between February 15 and March 5, Veregge committed several acts of indecent exposure. One of the times, Veregge was captured on video wearing a dress as he approached another home on Meadowlands Lane where police say he exposed himself and ran away. The video helped police identify the 60-year-old.

He has been arrested on multiple counts of misdemeanors of peeping and prowling, a charge he faced back in 2017 for prowling. The Juilliard-trained musician has been a part of the California Symphony and Opera San Jose. People we talked with in the past have said they were bewildered that he would do this. Veregge is now at the Santa Clara County Jail.

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