Leslie Van Houten, Youngest of Manson Followers, Recommended for Parole

Leslie Van Houten, youngest of Manson followers, recommended for parole.It’s been more than four decades since the Charles Manson murders, and now the youngest of the Manson followers has been recommended for parole. In 1969, 19-year-old Leslie Van Houten participated in the killings of Los Angeles couple Leno and Rosemary LaBianca.

She was convicted at her third trial in 1978 and sentenced to life in prison. On Wednesday, a panel of state commissioners recommended 69-year-old Van Houten for parole. She was granted parole twice in the past, but former California Governor Jerry Brown rejected it both times.

Van Houten’s fate is now in the hands of newly-elected Governor Gavin Newsom. But first, state officials will do a 120-day legal review before sending the decision to Newsom’s desk.

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