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Thieves Broke Into an Elementary School in Oakland and Stole 40 Tablets

Thieves broke into an elementary school classroom in Oakland and stole 40 tablets that students hadn’t even used yet. The Kindle Fire tablets were still wrapped in boxes when the electronics vanished from Markham Elementary School over winter break.
Oakland Unified School District spokesperson, John Sasaki said the thieves broke into the school through a window. He said, “When you’re stealing from a school, you’re stealing from our kids.” The suspects searched through a few classrooms on Jan. 3 and made away with the tablets that were meant for a third-grade class. Some students at the school don’t have access to updated technology at home.
The tablets were intended to help the kids learn to read. Sasaki said, “Those kids were very upset they were heartbroken and it is heartbreaking to us.” Most of the tablets were donated and OUSD hopes people will once again, step up an replace the stolen items.
“We hope our tech partners will come forward and help give us the learning tools they deserve to have,” Sasaki said. Since the tablets were still wrapped, it’s possible the thieves grabbed them because they could be resold.

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