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Alen Alpanian Shot By Los Angeles Police While Allegedly Accosting Officers with Knife Caught on Camera

Los Angeles police released footage showing the moment an officer shot and wounded a suspected stabber Alen Alpanian in Porter Ranch.

Alen Alpanian Shot by Police

Alen Alpanian Shot By Los Angeles Police While Allegedly Accosting Officers with Knife Caught on Camera

An officer responding to a stabbing call the night of June 20 opened fire on 53-year-old Alen Alpanian, who has since pleaded not guilty to attempted murder in the attack of his ex-wife.

The victim sustained abdominal injuries but was expected to recover, according to police.

In the 911 call included in the video released by LAPD, the caller tells the dispatcher that a woman lying on the floor was saying that her husband had stabbed her.

The footage then shows recordings from body cameras worn by two officers, according to the police department.

In the video, residents are seen gathering around a woman down on a sidewalk. When an officer asks if there were any guns inside the house where the suspect was, one person, says no.

The video cuts to LAPD Commander Alan Hamilton, who explains that one of the officers saw Alpanian standing at his front door wielding a knife.

An officer is heard telling another to “deploy the bean bag” before the video shows them repeatedly ask the suspect to drop his weapon.

The footage eventually shows Alpanian apparently holding a knife while approaching the officers. One of them is seen deploying a taser.

The video again cuts to Hamilton explaining that neither the bean bag nor the taser worked on the suspect.

“When he got within 10 feet, the officer fired his pistol, striking Alpanian several times,” Hamilton says.

The officer fired six rounds, according to LAPD.

Both Alpanian and the victim were taken to the hospital and survived their injuries, police said.

In addition to attempted murder, the L.A. County District Attorney’s Office filed two counts of resisting an officer and multiple felony charges of domestic violence against Alpanian, according to LAPD.

Alpanian could face more than 23 years to life in state prison if convicted as charged, authorities said.

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