Mexican Drug War

Shootouts Between Drug Cartel Gunmen and Mexican Police in Nuevo Laredo Caught on Camera

Videos have recently been uploaded to social media websites of a series of shootouts between drug cartel gunmen and law enforcement authorities in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, Mexico across the Rio Grande River from Laredo, Texas.

The shootouts happened in different neighborhoods of Nuevo Laredo and show the terror that the people of Tamaulipas have been living with recently.

Social network users reported that some of the shootings happened in the neighborhoods of ISSST, Las Alamedas, Benito Juarez, La Concordia and Reforma.

Some videos show some people lying on the ground to protect themselves from nearby gunfire.

Other videos show the terror experienced by women, men, the elderly and children on city streets, in shopping malls and party halls.

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