San Francisco Bay Area Sex Crime

Joseph Ironteeth Angelle Alleged Indecent Exposure Suspect Arrested

ID #18-334

Fremont police have arrested a man wanted in connection with several incidents of indecent exposure in multiple Bay Area cities.

Detectives identified the suspect as 31-year-old Joseph Ironteeth Angelle, a transient and local car dealership mechanic. He was positively identified as the suspect through photographic lineups, as well as his distinct tattoo on his right arm, by numerous victims.

On July 11, Fremont police who were looking for Angelle’s 1998 Toyota Tacoma in San Jose, noticed a naked man running from an apartment complex on Roberts Ave. Police say the man ran into the bushes and resisted their commands. That’s when officers deployed a taser and took Angelle into custody.

Police say Angelle admitted to committing approximately 25 indecent exposure acts including the ones he was wanted for in Fremont, Newark and Pleasanton.

Angelle was arrested and booked into Santa Rita Jail on two counts misdemeanor indecent exposure, one felony count of indecent exposure, one felony count of burglary, one misdemeanor count of lewd conduct in public, and one count of misdemeanor resisting arrest related to the cases in Fremont. The incidents in Pleasanton and Newark are still under investigation and additional charges could be added.

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