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Jeremy Daniel Griffin Who Impersonated a Nurse Gets 1-Year in Prison

A man who impersonated a nurse in order to work at a Gilroy hospital is set to be sentenced Friday to one year in county jail, according to the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office. Jeremy Daniel Griffin, 31, of West Hollywood, pleaded no contest earlier this year to felony charges of identity theft and false impersonation and misdemeanor charges of altering a medical record; unlawfully using the title of a registered nurse; and unlawful use of a nursing license.

Under the terms of a plea agreement, Griffin will also receive three years of formal probation, according to Supervising Deputy District Attorney Vishal Bathija, who prosecuted the case.

“This case should serve as a warning that law enforcement will doggedly pursue individuals engaged in identity theft,” Bathija said Thursday in a statement.

Bathija said Griffin used the name of a real registered nurse in order to work at St. Louise Regional Hospital.

However, he did not see any patients because he was arrested June 26, 2017 — the day he was scheduled to begin his first day of work.

During the hiring process, Griffin presented falsified documents in that nurse’s name to Aya Healthcare, a travel nursing company, Bathija said. After reviewing the documents, Aya Healthcare became suspicious and Griffin was ultimately interviewed by investigators with the Department of Consumer Affairs.

The investigators determined Griffin previously held a license as a licensed vocational nurse but it was revoked in 2014.

Bathija thanked Aya Healthcare, St. Louise Regional Hospital and the investigators at the Department of Consumer Affairs for their attention to detail and thorough investigation.

Photo courtesy Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office.

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