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Hipolito Martinez Arrested in Gilroy After Allegedly Attacking a Woman in her Home

Deputies arrested 35-year-old Hipolito Martinez in Gilroy. They say he attacked his female neighbor inside her home and attempted to take her clothes off. She defended herself and escaped her own home. He chased her outside and tried to drag her back inside.

She fought back and ran for help. It all happened in broad daylight. “I guess we just have to be careful these days,” said Maria Canlas. With its quiet roads full of farm animals leading up to wine country, longtime resident Maria Canlas left South San Francisco for life in the country.

It’s hard to imagine something like this happened just down the road. “It’s fairly a quiet neighborhood, you know people are friendly, but of course there’s more people coming in now, moving in, we don’t know all the neighbors yet,” said Canlas. Cops found Martinez hiding in a nearby culvert. He’s facing a number of charges including kidnapping, burglary, and assault with attempt to commit a felony.

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