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Shawn Pasley Arrested for Alleged Brutal Wife Beating Caught on Camera

MAHOMET, Ill. — Video of a man beating a woman was recorded through an online video game and now he is behind bars.

Thousands of people from around the country have seen the disturbing video on social media. Shawn Pasley’s wife says he punched her until she blacked out. The Mahomet man was arrested for aggravated domestic battery.

Renee Pasley has a concussion, cuts and bruises. Physically she’s recovering, but she says the horror of what happened has left more than just physical scars.

Her brother Jack Delaney says, “He was battling cancer for a while and they were doing well together. It seemed like things were going good and then this.”

A picture of the Pasleys might show a happy couple. But for Renee, behind the smile lies a deep and paralyzing fear.

Delaney says, “He just got up and hit her.”

Renee recalls that night saying, “It shows me immediately knocked unconscious. Then he picks up my limp body and threw me. Then he walks back over and gets back on his video game.”

A picture won’t tell you the full story, but this video captured what happened behind closed doors in their own home. Pasley’s online video game opponent recorded the brutal beating and then he called authorities. Mahomet police sent their report to the Champaign County State’s Attorney who will be reviewing the case.

Renee says, “This is the first time somebody actually reached out for help for me. I would love to thank them because they saved my life.”

She says rage took over her husband and he took it out on her. The gamer who recorded the video sent it to her brother to show him what he witnessed.

Delaney say, “Pathetic, sorry excuse for a man, a coward. A man doesn’t do that to a woman. Especially one half his size.”

He says this isn’t the first time Pasley has physically abused her.

“The violence had gone on for quite a while. He’s been in trouble for it more than once.”
But he says this is the first time he’s been caught on camera.

“I’ve always got two sides of the story. I always take hers but seeing is believing. It’s one-sided now. He screwed up.”

Renee says she didn’t have the strength to defend herself, but now enough is enough.

“This is it. I know he’s going to go away for a long time.”

In 2010 Renee filed for an order of protection against Shawn. Three years later he was sentenced to three years in prison for aggravated battery in a public place.

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