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Robert Lomack Allegedly Drags Police K-9 Into House He Was Burglarizing

A Fremont police K-9 was dragged into a house by a burglary suspect during a crime-in-progress.

Police say an alert landscaper spotted a man in the Glenmoore neighborhood. That suspect was banging on windows and looking in–and then broke into the home.

Twenty-three-year-old Robert Lomack was arrested, but not before he dragged a police K-9 inside the house with him.

Lomack eventually surrendered. The police dog was not injured.

But Lomack was taken to the hospital with a dog bite.

Here is the full statement from police:

Fremont Police arrested a 23-year-old suspect during an in-progress residential burglary today in the Glenmoor neighborhood.

At 1:42 p.m., Fremont Police Dispatch received a call of an in-progress residential burglary. An alert landscaper was working in the 4400 block of Faulkner Dr. in the Glenmoor neighborhood when he saw a suspicious person in the backyard of a neighboring residence. The person was banging and looking into windows, and eventually broke a bedroom window in the rear of the house to gain entry. The landscaper walked to the front of the house and contacted a resident in the area who called 911.

Several officers immediately responded and were on-scene in less than two minutes. The first officers took positions around the house to prevent the suspect from escaping. At approximately 1:55 p.m., officers watching the rear of the residence saw a male emerge from a rear door. When the male saw the officers, he retreated back into the house and tried to flee out the front door. The suspect was again confronted by additional officers and he fled back into the house. Once again, the suspect emerged from the back door but retreated inside when he saw officers there. This time, the suspect left the door ajar and a police K9 was deployed to apprehend the suspect. The suspect began dragging the K9 and eventually pulled the dog inside the house with him, closing the door.

The suspect then reemerged at the back door and was holding a dark object in his hand, pointing it at the officers as if he were armed with a firearm. He went back in the residence and once again came to the door pointing the object, as though trying to provoke officers to use lethal force. One of the officers was able to see the object and recognized that it was not a gun, notifying other officers on scene that it did not appear the suspect had an actual firearm. The information was broadcast over the police radio.

The suspect went back inside the residence and again closes the door with the police K9 inside. The officers waited for more equipment, resources and additional officers to arrive on the scene while continuing to give commands to the suspect to surrender. While attempting to negotiate with the suspect, he told the officers he was not coming out. Officers continued giving commands to come out and give up. At approximately 2:08 p.m., the suspect gave up and was taken into custody. The suspect was positively identified by a witness and transported to a local hospital for medical treatment of a dog bite.

The police K9 was not injured.

23-year-old Robert Lomack (San Leandro resident) will be booked on charges of residential burglary, resisting arrest, as well as for an active no bail felony residential burglary warrant from a 2016 Fremont PD case.

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