San Francisco Bay Area Violent Crime

Alleged Attempted Kidnapping of Baby Caught on Camera

SAN FRANCISCO — It was a Mother’s Day nightmare for a mom in the Mission, after a homeless person allegedly tried to take her baby. It happened at Natoma and 14th Streets in San Francisco, where residents say the area is overrun with transients consistently causing problems.

“This homeless woman came behind us and started growling. She was acting up,” said Patricia Morazan-Moore, a resident of Natoma Street.

That homeless woman was caught on a neighbor’s security video, which also captures the moments leading up to the struggle for a woman’s baby.

“Then all of a sudden the woman came out with her baby and she tried to grab the woman’s baby,” said Morazan-Moore.

The video stopped recording before the actual struggle, but witnesses say another neighbor, Rex Moore, came to the rescue.

“There was an object in my hand to let her know you’re not going to take the baby. You need to move down and get off my street. She was a homeless woman and looked like she was under the influence of drugs,” said Moore.

The baby is said to be okay but was taken to the hospital to get checked out as a precaution. Neighbors say the woman who tried to take the baby was among a group of transients.

San Francisco police detained all four of them for questioning. It’s unclear what charges if any, the woman faces. For neighbors, this incident is just the latest in what seems to be never-ending homeless-related issues, which they say have gotten worse over the past few years.

“We have vandalism. We had people masturbating, urinating, defecating, encampments. Nothing is being done,” said Morazan-Moore.

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