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Joseph Polin Suspected Child Pornography Offender Kills Himself After Shooting at Police

Marple Township, Pa. — A man who killed himself after firing at officers is being linked to multiple cases of child pornography.

Forty-six-year-old Joseph Polin, of Hazleton, was reportedly making contact with girls between the ages of 12 and 16 online. Some victims lived nearby, in Pennsylvania and West Virginia, while other victims lived in other countries, including China.

Police say Polin would download photos of the girls from the internet and mail them to the child’s home with a sexually graphic note.

CBS Philadelphia reports there were also social media posts from Polin that had “pictures of the recipient, explicit photographs, and writings” that “threatened violent and sexual acts with his intended victims or their families.”

When Hazleton Police officers approached Polin’s house earlier this week, Polin allegedly opened fire on the officers then committed suicide.

Police are working to identify the girls Polin made contact with.

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