Mexican Drug War

Mexican Police Officers Shield Babies During Shootout with Cartel Gunmen Caught on Camera

Tamaulipas state police officers used their bodies to shield two toddlers during a fierce firefight. One child was wounded during the clash. The police officers shielded the toddlers as they fought off various cartel gunmen until they were able to get the children to emergency medical personnel.

The episode began when state police officers responded to various areas in Reynosa about shootouts between cartel gunmen. Officers engaged along Boulevard Hidalgo, one of the main roads in Reynosa.

The body camera video reveals the moments Tamaulipas state police officers fought off cartel gunmen. (story continues below photos)

During the clash, fleeing cartel gunmen riding in an SUV crashed into a mid-size car, killing a young woman and injuring one of her two children inside. Police rushed toward the vehicle to rescue the two toddlers and get them out of the line of fire.

The gun battles appear to be part of the ongoing war for control of Reynosa. Two rival factions of the Gulf Cartel continue to fight for dominance of the area’s drug trafficking and human smuggling territories. The fighting has led to fierce gun battles where convoys roam the streets searching for rivals.

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