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Suspects Wanted Using Credit Cards Stolen From North Bay Fire Victims

Two people are accused of stealing over $7,000 worth of merchandise from a store in Petaluma.Owners of Reed’s Trailer Sales, who hope surveillance video will help police catch the thieves. Ann Reed said in late January someone placed an order over the phone for generators, cables, and oil cans.

The purchased totaled well over $7,000. The callers told Reed the items were for food trucks used to raise money for North Bay fire victims. The small business was happy to accommodate. Nothing seemed suspicious when the callers used two credit card numbers to make the purchase. The store’s parts and service manager, Rick Springer, said the cards ran through and the payment was processed.

“We did everything we were supposed to do,” he said. Months later, the credit card companies declined the transactions because the cards used were stolen from North Bay fire victims. The Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office said the store’s cashier didn’t check the IDs of the two suspects who came to pick up the order. The sheriff’s office has traced the phone number used to make the original order and hopes to catch the thieves.

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