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10-Year-Old Alleged Serial Car Thief Caught on Camera Trying to Steal Car

A 10-year-old boy with a criminal history of grand theft auto was caught again attempting to steal a car from a dealership, authorities said.

Police shared a surveillance video from a car lot in Holly Hill, Florida Friday.

They said a 10-year-old was captured on video without a shirt on and using a stolen key fob to unlock a Black Saturn SUV.

An unidentified older male with the 10-year-old did the same thing with a gray Mitsubishi SUV.

On Wednesday afternoon, the child accompanied his mother to Dean’s Auto Outlet where she was looking to buy a car, police said.

While filling out paperwork inside, police said the child was running around the lot outside, unsupervised.

Staff noticed keys with attached fobs missing from two vehicles after they left.

Police said the same night, the boy returned with others and tried to steal the cars.

Unbeknownst to them, staff had disabled the vehicles after realizing the keys had been stolen.

WESH 2 was at the boy’s home last summer when police in Daytona Beach arrested him. That time, they said he was seen in a video driving a stolen vehicle off a different car lot.

At the time, it was the boy’s fourth arrest.

The 10-year-old was still on probation when he was arrested again in Holly Hill.

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