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Police Arrested a Naked man on a Stolen ATV in Kansas

Police arrested a naked man on a stolen ATV, after he led them on a chase down a highway. Kansas City, MO – A naked man on a stolen ATV led police on a chase that was captured on video on Feb. 25. Johnathon Menth, 27, drove the stolen ATV the wrong way on a highway and was arrested at the end of his naked adventure, and transported to the hospital, police said.

Menth was charged with burglary, property damage, and sexual misconduct, according to WDAF-TV. Bond was set at $50,000, and KSHB-TV reported that one of the conditions of the bond was that Menth but be fully dressed in public. “The danger level that this person put everyone else in including himself is over-the-top,” said Clay County Sheriff’s Office Captain William Akin.

Police said that first, Menth was accused of stealing a Chrysler PT Cruiser and wrecking it Sunday. Then Menth then stole a Polaris off-road vehicle from the home of Forrest Bryant, who had been at his mother-in-law’s 88th birthday party. Bryant called 911 when he noticed his yellow Polaris was missing. Fortunately, officers already knew exactly where his missing ATV could be found.

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