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Vacaville Police Arrest 2 Alleged Burglars Breaking into Home

Vacaville Police Facebook Post:

Home burglary foiled, stolen car recovered and two men arrested for their midday misconduct.

Just after 1 PM this afternoon, officers were called to a residence in the 100 block of Colony Way for two men in the process of burglarizing a home. Armed with a hammer, the peccant pair allegedly broke off a lock box from the residence and seized the key within. They allegedly graciously let themselves in the home, however, did not go unnoticed by the homeowner who was still inside! The homeowner called the police immediately, as did a nearby resident who happened to observe the suspicious activity occurring around the home.

Officers arrived moments later and detained Jacob Grant, 39 of Napa, and Matthew Allen, 37 of Napa, on the front lawn of the residence. The two claimed to have some type of association with the home but after a little bit of investigating, that turned out to be less than truthful.

Allen and Grant were a bit of a jaunt away from Napa, but even further from the great state of Oregon. You see, the mischievous men were associated with a light blue Toyota Prius with Oregon plates, which ultimately was found to be a reported stolen vehicle.

Allen was arrested for alleged auto theft, being in possession of a stolen vehicle, burglary, possession of drug paraphernalia and a violation of his probation. Grant was arrested for alleged burglary and a violation of his probation.

We want to thank our community members for staying vigilant in reporting suspicious activity. Thanks to your tremendous assistance, it’s tough for people to go unnoticed when they are committing crimes. Together, we make a great team!

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