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Jack Junior Montgomery Charged a With First-Degree Murder After Allegedly Throwing his 7-Year-old Stepson Against a Wall

Detectives have charged a man with first-degree murder after they say he threw his 7-year-old stepson against a wall and beat him to death at a Seffner motel. Jack Junior Montgomery, 31, has been charged with felony first-degree murder for the death of his stepson, 7-year-old Brice Russell.

According to the arrest affidavit, an employee at the Masters Inn in Seffner called authorities to report loud yelling in a room which sounded like an adult male yelling at a child saying to “beat the kid” and “push the kid over here”. Around 1:00 a.m. on Saturday, HCSO responded to conduct a welfare search. A HCSO deputy met with a male who identified himself only as “Jack” and advised that the loud noise was him playing his music loudly.

He told the deputy that he was in the room with “his children” and pushed the door open enough for the deputy to see the children sleeping in a bed towards the back of the room. The deputy did not enter the room at the time and cleared the call with no further investigation, according to the arrest affidavit. Later that day, deputies responded to the same motel room at 10:50 a.m after Montgomery called 911 to report his stepson would not wake up.

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  • OMG !!!!! How can this happen??? I am so fucking angry !!!!!! I can’t think straight, how can a big baboon of a jerk do this to a little boy, the mother should be in jail as well, I know she knew what kind of person this loser was and we know damn well it was not the first time these kids were subjected to this nightmare of a life. I hope he gets his just do in prison!!!!! They don’t like child killers