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Wild Brawl Breaks Out at Parkdale Mall in Beaumont, Texas Caught on Camera

BEAUMONT – A fight between four people at Parkdale Mall broke out Thursday evening and was posted to Facebook but when police arrived anyone involved had left the area.

The video posted on Facebook shows two women slapping each other then all of a sudden two men join the scuffle by punching each other on the ground.

Mall security officers responded quickly to the incident, where those involved dispersed quickly, and immediately called police according to a Parkdale Mall spokesperson.

However, the video of the group of people fighting on the ground seemed to last for several minutes before anyone intervened.

The video was spread quickly on social media and snapchat.

“It was wild, I never seen anything like it before but I don’t know,” said Kevin Banks, who saw the video on snapchat.

Beaumont Police responded to the mall for a disturbance call at 6:30 p.m. but the fight was over when they arrived and no one has come forward to make a report according to police.

“We want them to know how ridiculous they looked with their actions in the mall,” said Beaumont Police Sergeant Cody Guidry.

The fight broke out in a common area near the center court area of the mall.

At least two videos of the fight, which appear to show two men fighting along with two women fighting, were posted to Facebook but later removed.

Sergeant Guidry encourages people to call police if they believe a fight is about to break out.

“We want the public to feel safe, we are not going to tolerate this and if you are found you will go to jail and be in trouble,” said Sergeant Guidry.

No one has filed a police report filed charges at this time.

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