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Andrea Franks-Vanzandt Arrested After Brutal Beating and Robbery Caught on Camera

LUFKIN, Texas — A 21-year-old man has been arrested in a brutal beating caught on surveillance video during a robbery at a Lufkin convenience store.

On Wednesday, police released the video on social media, which could be too graphic for some, at the victim’s request.

The aggravated robbery happened Saturday at Lucky’s Store.

“The victim, who is now out of the hospital and stopped by the department earlier this afternoon, said he hopes people will be more aware of their surroundings after seeing what happened to him in a life-changing instant,” the Facebook post read.

Richard Lee Archer, 39, was beaten unconscious while he was waiting in line at the store.

The attacker, Andrea Franks-Vanzandt took $35 from Archer’s wallet and took off after punching him dozens of times and stomping on his head.

Police said they used the video to find Franks-Vanzandt, who was arrested minutes later at a nearby apartment complex.

He remains in the Angelina County Jail on a $40,000 bond and is facing several charges.

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