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16-Year-Old Robber Shot by 61-Year-Old Victim Caught on Camera

Detroit, Michigan — A robbery attempt at a convenience store in Detroit backfires, and it was all caught on camera.

Daruis Summers was inside a gas station store when he was held up by 16-year-old Xavier Futrell.

However, what Futrell was not aware of was that the 61-year-old was also carrying a weapon.

That’s when summers pulled out his weapon and shot the teen in the stomach. Futrell stumbled, picked up his gun, and walked out of the store.

Summer says he was not going to allow the armed teen to make him a victim.

“I didn’t shoot to kill, I shot to save his life,” said Summers. “I got him up off me.”

Futrell was later arrested and charged with intent to murder, carrying a weapon with unlawful, and a felony firearms violation.

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