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Woman Allegedly Attacks Police Officer Caught on Camera

Woman attacks officer

An allegedly intoxicated woman who had been holding up traffic at a Long Beach intersection with her erratic behavior was arrested following a confrontation with an officer on Monday, police said.

Authorities were called to the intersection of Anaheim Street and Pacific Avenue around 3:30 p.m. regarding the woman, who appeared to be unstable and was jumping on vehicles, Long Beach Police Lt. Darren Lance said.

A video captured by a motorist at the intersection shows the woman shouting expletives at and angrily threatening the officer as passing cars attempt to dodge the situation.

“You want to go my homeboy?” she can be heard asking the officer, whose name was not disclosed, before throwing an unidentified object at him.

Police attempted to detain her to ensure her own safety and that of the surrounding motorists, according to Lance.

But the woman was resistant, video shows, and the confrontation escalated after she appeared to spit at the officer.

Shortly after that, he is seen striking her knee with his nightstick in an attempt to subdue her. But she persisted, and the officer is seen hitting her and pushing her to the pavement more forcefully.

She continued struggling against the officer once face-down on the ground, and an unidentified Good Samaritan ran over to help him detain her just as more police cars were pulling up.

The woman was taken to a local hospital due to her level of impairment and officials learned she was intoxicated and under the influence of unknown narcotics, Lance said.

Police did not release her identity or disclose the crimes she was arrested on suspicion of.

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