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Police Officers Stop Van and Find a Kidnapped Woman Tied Down with Chains Caught on Camera

ESPANOLA, New Mexico– It was January 30 on a cold night when New Mexico State Police pulled over a van, and couldn’t believe what they found inside.

“Oh my God, thank you,” said a woman found chained in the back of a minivan on the side of the road in Espanola.

“She’s chained down by the neck,” said one officer in police video.

The rescue took place on the main drag in Espanola, just less than 24 hours after witnesses saw a woman dragged out of her Las Vegas, Nevada apartment.

The woman’s worst nightmare was finally coming to an end when police pulled over the van where she was chained up inside.

“Keep your hands up, keep coming back,” yelled one officer at the man driving the car.

Police arrested that man, Jack Morgan, the woman’s ex-boyfriend, as well as his new lover, Samuel Brown.

Shortly after apprehending the two men, police were able to locate the woman chained in the back of the minivan, and unchain her.

“He dragged me out of the place, and I fought so f****ing hard cause I was like, this is how you die,” said the chained woman to police.

In a federal criminal complaint, investigators said Morgan and Brown planned the kidnapping for more than a year.

“I’m really frightened,” said Brown in the back of a patrol car.

Both men were put in the back of separate patrol cars. The 19-year-old Brown didn’t have too much to say, but Morgan sure did.

“You got a favorite hymn?” asked Morgan to the officer.

The officer replied, “No, I don’t.”

In police dash cam video, Morgan then began singing “Amazing Grace.” It went on for several minutes.

The officer said, “That’s pretty good.”

Morgan replied, “Yeah, I do what I can.”

Before being pulled out of the cop car, Morgan asked for his Bible and his Baptist hymnal, before making a few mental notes.

“Note to self… wear shoes next time,” said Morgan.

Investigators said the two men told them they were going to take the woman to a cave somewhere, keep her chained up and brainwash her so she’d marry Morgan.

Police said the victim had cut ties with Morgan and was in fear of her life. Both men are now in federal custody on kidnapping charges.

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