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Dramatic Surveillance Video Shows an NYPD Officer Dalsh Veve Dragged Down the Street by a Stolen Car

Dramatic surveillance video shows an NYPD officer being dragged down the street by a stolen car

Officers responded to a call of gunshots — and discovered the noise was coming from fireworks. But while officers were questioning a 15-year-old with regard to the incident, the driver took off. Officer Dalsh Veve, 35, was dragged along with the speeding vehicle for about 2 1/2 blocks. The officer is eventually freed from the car, moments before it crashes.

The video shows the driver get out of the car to run, but he goes back to grab an item – not even stopping to check on the officer. Moments later, plain clothes officers run up to help Officer Veve. They realize he’s in need of immediate help, so they loaded him into an unmarked police car.

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