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Park City Diner Brawl Caught on Camera

Warning: The following video contains graphic content.

Manheim Township police said no charges are being filed after a brutal fight that was captured on video early Saturday at a Lancaster diner.

“The fight itself was not occurring when we got there,” Lt. Tom Rudzinski said Monday. “Everybody involved left prior to our arrival. We did get the call and we did respond.”

The assault involving two women occurred around 2:30 a.m. at Park City Diner, 884 Plaza Boulevard. The attack, which was captured on video and posted to social media, left one woman with a bloodied face.

Brett Hambright, spokesperson for the Lancaster County District Attorney’s office, initially confirmed Monday that no charges were filed.

“It is my understanding police responded to the diner and all individuals believed to be involved, including the female with blood on her face, were not at the location,” he said.

Officials said they do not know the identity of the persons involved.

“Speaking generally and not about any specific case, in order to form a criminal case, we must know who is involved in an alleged crime, including the victim of that alleged crime,” Hambright said.

Video of the fight made its way to social media where it was viewed more than half a million times as of Sunday night. The minute-long clip focuses on two women, one of whom repeatedly punches and hits the other while she’s pinned down in a booth.

Just before the video concludes, the women are pulled apart, one woman left with a bloodied face as a result of the brawl. Throughout the clip, bystanders can be heard cheering on the fight.

The manager who was working when the fight broke out said he is frustrated by what he called a “rowdy weekend crowd.”

“As a manager and as a staff, we try our best to avoid any kind of problem,” Hichem Radoui, third-shift manager at Park City Diner, said Sunday.

“But you have these certain people who are really aggressive and no one wants to be close to them,” he said explaining the crowd that typically frequents the 24-hour diner overnight. The fight captured on video occurred around 2:30 a.m.

“We don’t want that kind of business,” he said. “We want people to come here and eat in peace. But people see this kind of thing and they get worried and scared.”

Radoui said he believed the altercation stemmed from a domestic situation and said the women appeared to know one another. He said one woman attacked the other with a fork and that friends of one of the women also engaged in the dispute.

Radoui said the diner employs a bouncer but said it can be difficult to get control of a situation when multiple people are involved. “Our staff does the best we can. Three weeks ago, one of our waiters was hurt during a fight and still hasn’t been able to work,” he said.

Several disturbances have been reported at the diner in recent years. On Jan. 29, a Philadelphia man was charged with simple assault and related offenses after he started a fight with two female patrons then punched both women, authorities said.

Radoui said he would like to discuss with police ways to improve security, including the possibility of increased patrols in the area.

“We don’t like that this is happening,” Radoui said. “We have great customers and we want them to feel safe when they eat here. We don’t want them to have to deal with problem people.”

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