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Ohio Mother Arrested for Live Streaming her 2 Year Old Screaming While Taped to the Wall for Disciplinary Reasons

Ohio mother who apparently felt she’d come up with an ingenious alternative to “whooping” her busy toddler while she tried to clean has now been charged with a felony, reports ABC 6, and her Facebook Live video is causing outrage among viewers. The alleged mom allegedly took a nearly 20-minute video of her whimpering 2-year-old taped to the wall by his head and arms, during which she told him, “You got the best mommy in the whole wide world,”

reminded him he could still see the TV from his place on the wall, threatened to add more packing tape if he kept crying, and told her viewers, “Parent’s don’t need to whoop the kids; all you gotta do is tape them to the wall.” The boy’s mouth appears to be taped shut as well.Reported mom was arrested Thursday and charged with third-degree felony abduction, and Children’s Services took her son.

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