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Woman Allegedly Deliberately Kills Man with Car Caught on Camera

On Saturday afternoon, a white SUV plowed into Sherron Berry, 36, on a Martin Luther King Boulevard sidewalk in South Dallas.

Police arriving on the scene a little after 12:30 p.m. quickly discovered from witnesses that the deadly collision was no accident, as video from the scene would make clear.

The white SUV pauses in the middle lane as Berry begins walking in the opposite direction. The SUV flips a U-turn and begins following Berry slowly. As Berry walks down the sidewalk, the SUV appears to speed up, before running onto the sidewalk. Berry runs, the SUV close on his heels.

The collision itself is obscured by a building.

DPD put out a request for information on its blog Saturday afternoon. By Saturday night, they received the tip they needed. The car that hit Berry was parked outside 2109 Prichard Street.

Eventually, Lakinta Cosby arrived at the house. DPD gang unit officers arrested her. Later, according to DPD, she allegedly confessed that she ran Berry over after a domestic dispute. She’s been charged with murder.

Cosby, currently in Dallas County Jail on $100,000 bond, has a long, if nonviolent history with DPD.

According to county records, she’s previously been convicted of giving a police a fake ID, driving without a license, theft and prostitution.

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