Sex Crime

David Jon Thomas Sentenced to 100 Years-to-Life in Prison for Sodomy on Child

David Jon Thomas, 43, of Prunedale, was sentenced to serve 100 years-to-life in prison by Monterey County Judge Larry Hayes.

Thomas was convicted of sodomy on a child 10 years of age or younger, and 4 counts of lewd acts on a child.

Thomas’ four-year-old daughter told her mother, Thomas’s ex-wife, that he made her touch his genitals in 2014 while in the bathroom.

Thomas was later recorded praying for the death of his daughter because she talked to police about her sexual abuse, prosecutors said.

A week after Thomas’ then-current wife had separated from him and moved out of the home, her 10-year-old son disclosed multiple acts of sexual abuse by Thomas.

The boy disclosed how Thomas would send his mother away from the home on shopping errands and then sexually molest him.

The boy said he was afraid of Thomas, so he complied and did not tell anyone. Thomas often struck him and yelled at him while they lived together.

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