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Arizona Bank Robbery Suspect Shot and Killed by Police Caught on Camera

PHOENIX – A suspect in a bank robbery and pursuit from Avondale to Tempe has died after an exchange of gunfire with police officers Tuesday afternoon.

The deceased suspect has been identified as Steven Del Rio, 31, who had previously spent time in prison for armed robbery, aggravated assault and endangerment, according to Arizona Department of Corrections records.

Del Rio was most recently released from prison in May.

Aerial footage of the pursuit showed the suspect speeding down Valley roadways.

The robbery occurred at an Avondale bank, Credit Union West.

According to police, someone in the suspect car shot at an Avondale officer when he tried to stop the SUV near Dysart Road and Van Buren Street.

Phoenix police then took over the chase.

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During the chase, two suspects got out of the car and ran. They were eventually detained, one by a Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office canine, according to Phoenix police.

Sky 12 captured video of the car going into an alley near Central Avenue and Roeser Road, where Del Rio threw a bag from the car. It appeared a woman opened the gate from a home to the avenue and took the bag.

Joseph Santeyan said the woman is his wife and Del Rio is his brother-in-law.

“Unfortunately, her brother made a decision today where he made a mistake and the consequences was losing his life,” Santeyan said. “We tried to keep him straight, doing the right thing.

Near the I-10 on-ramp at Baseline Road, police performed a pit maneuver which brought Del Rio’s SUV to a stop. The officers involved were driving unmarked vehicles.

Multiple shots were fired by officers into Del Rio’s vehicle.

According the Tempe Fire Department, Del Rio was pronounced dead at the scene.

The woman who picked up the bag in the alley was later seen getting into a police vehicle. It’s unknown if she was being arrested or just questioned.

“All I know is that my wife was home when [Del Rio] was out there doing whatever with whoever,” Santeyan said.

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  • Bury him alive in a remote area and remove every public record of his existance. Let him rot and never speak his name again.

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