Violent Crime

Fifty People Shot, Including 3 Children, 4 People Killed in Chicago over 4th of July Weekend

The skyrocketing violent crime that’s plaguing the city of Chicago did not let up over the Fourth of July holiday. Fifty people were shot, including three children, and four people were murdered from Friday through Monday.

These shocking figures are actually an improvement from recent Fourth of Julys, according to Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson.

“I think in 2014 we had about 16 killed throughout the Fourth of July weekend and that’s just ridiculous, so we are making progress, but it’s not a success yet,” Johnson said. “This goes a long way, I think, to letting everybody know that we are focusing on the right individuals.”

Beginning the Friday before Independence Day, Chicago police with the help of Illinois State Police and the FBI began heavily beefing up its presence with 5,000 officers patrolling the city by land, air and boat.

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