Wild Grady County Police Pursuit, Driver Still Outstanding

GRADY COUNTY, Oklahoma – It was a chase that spanned several miles and across multiple Oklahoma towns in Grady County, Oklahoma Tuesday, June 21. There were several close calls, but in the end, the suspect is still on the run.

Minco Police got a call about a reckless driver, and the police chief was the one that tried to pull him over. But, things didn’t go as planned.

“The driver was going southbound out of Union City into Minco,” said Minco Police Chief Brian Hau. “He crossed the fog line several times, and he drove on the shoulder of the road.”

He’d been doing for quite awhile, so police tried to pull him over. And he pulled over alright.

“And I get about halfway to his vehicle, and he pulls off,” continued Hau.

And the chase was on from Highway 81 to 62, barely missing a school, parked cars and oncoming traffic.

“He did go across the lane of traffic and up an embankment, and almost took out a couple of cars. And he was coming into oncoming traffic multiple times,” said Hau.

Then, he took it off road.

“He gets off and goes cross country,” said Hau.

The driver meandered up and down county roads before hitting the fields.

“He entered a field, and we all followed him into the field. We tried to flank him, and he ended up breaking through some fences and getting back on 62,” said Hau.

And from there, nobody knows.

News 9’s Joleen Chaney asked if police got any kind of visual of the man behind the wheel.

“Sandy blonde hair. White male,” stated Hau.

Also, he was driving a quad cab with Texas tags.

“It was a pretty dangerous situation. I’m just glad nobody got hurt,” said Hau.

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