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Caught On Video Aaron Cardona Arrested In Ohio After Leading Police In A high Speed Pursuit With An 11-Year-Old In The Car

Newburgh Heights, Ohio– Aaron Cardona a Bedford man was arrested on several charges after he led police on a high-speed chase with an 11 -year- old in the backseat. The chase happened after Newburgh Heights police tried to stop Aaron Cardona for speeding on Interstate 77. Police say Cardona refused to stop and was driving at speeds in excess of 100 mph. After several minutes, he stopped the car and surrendered.

Police found an 11-year-old child in the backseat, who was physically shaken and scared. Catdona said he didn’t stop because he was “scared and panicked” because he knew he had several outstanding warrants, and did not want to go to jail. No one was injured. Cardona appeared in court Monday and pleaded not guilty. His case was bound over to the grand jury.

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