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Albuquerque Police Shoot and Kill Carjacking Suspect Caught on Camera

Albuquerque police officers aren’t necessarily known for their vigilance when it comes to turning on their lapel cameras. But recently, both cops who opened fire on a 19-year-old were rolling.

Officer Andrew Quillman’s video starts off with him pulling up next to 19-year-old Jose Rodriguez. Quillman tried to wave him over. But when Rodriguez kept walking, Quillman got out of his car.

About six seconds later, you hear Quillman say, “Get your hands out of your pockets!” That was followed by five gunshots.

Investigators say Quillman and Officer Shawna Romero shot and killed Rodriguez, who was wanted for an armed carjacking.

In the 911 call, you hear the dispatcher ask, “So he pointed a gun at you?”

The caller said, “Yeah, he put it at my head.”

APD has not said whether Rodriguez actually fired, but Quillman’s video shows the officer ducking behind his squad car right after the first shot. In Romero’s video, it appears Rodriguez’s arm is raised toward Quillman just before she fires her gun.

When the officers approach Rodriguez, you see a gun on the ground next to him.

Both Quillman and Romero are now on paid leave. Each has been with APD since 2001.

This was the first shooting for both of them.

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