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Yes Chicago and Our Country Need Soul Searching About Shootings in Urban War Zones

This Op-Ed is the sole opinion of Scott Castruita and Steve Ferdin, Founders of Fugitive Watch

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a War Zone has a zone in which belligerents are waging war or an area marked by extreme violence.

For all intents and purposes Chicago meets this definition.

I start this article with these two sentences to try and put in perspective the state of affairs the city of Chicago has been in and is currently in with regard to the protests over the most recent police shooting.

The shooting of an armed suspect is being widely publicized and is generating accusations of racism and police misconduct. The officer has been arrested and deserves his right to defend himself in a court of law and not a court of public opinion or lynch mob.

However, getting back to Chicago being a war zone and it’s citizen vs citizen violence, it appears to me that the people of Chicago have a much bigger problem that dwarfs this isolated officer involved shooting.

Recent statistics reveal that Chicago’s rate of human beings that are being killed or wounded is astronomical and should be considered a national disgrace for country among our fellow civilized nations.

Within the last two years, in this American city, there have been 5,299 people shot and 868 homicides. In comparison, in 15 years of war in Afghanistan, there have been about 2,039 American service people killed by hostile actions.

We agree with our political and community leaders that some people need to do some deep soul searching. However we believe the soul searching and facing of the facts about who is slaughtering who in the city of Chicago needs to be done and let our courts handle the recent officer involved shooting.
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