Bruce Shertzer Wanted for Alleged Brutal Beating of Girlfriend in Savannah, Georgia

ID #15-507

A man with a history of domestic violence now wanted again for an alleged brutal beating.

“We are lucky that she survived,” said Police Detective Chad Bote.

That’s what Savannah Police investigators are saying about Bruce Shertzer’s girlfriend, who was his victim.

“She was beat in the face with his fist causing a broken bone in her nose,” explained Detective Bote. “Severe swelling, lot of blood from her mouth and nose, swollen eyes.”

Shertzer has a history of domestic violence, arrested in both Georgia and Indiana.

“Anybody who is willing to hit somebody that he is supposedly cares for is not going to have any issues with hurting someone else,” said Bote.

Bruce Shertzer is 54 years old, 6’1? inches tall.

He was staying at hotels along Abercorn street, also near Tybee Island. Police say he may be driving a black Pontiac Sunbird.

“Every family in the community is touched by domestic violence in some way,” said Bote. “And if we can take one more person off the street who is involved with domestic violence, a suspect involved with domestic violence. That’s one more thing to help our community and maybe warn people and get more people involved.”

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