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Vincent Ferdin Missing Sailor in South Carolina

A Manteca man has gone missing from his naval base in South Carolina. Friends and family members of 19-year-old Vince Ferdin say they’re devastated, and have begun social media campaigns and boots-on-the-ground efforts to try to find him.

Vince Ferdin’s father Benjamin got a phone call on September 18 that no parent ever wants to get–a naval officer told him his son hadn’t shown up on base, and was missing.

“He’s been through a lot. He’s a very strong man. The thoughts that go through my head. It’s tough,” said Benjamin.

Ferdin was working through a two year engineering program with the Navy in Goose Creek, South Carolina. His mother said he had plans to apply to the United States Naval Academy.

Charleston Police say Ferdin left his Goose Creek home around midnight Friday, and was last seen leaving his girlfriend’s home around 7:30 a.m. He rode his bike to get there.

His car was found and has been impounded. Police say his wallet and ID are not on his person.

“I can’t imagine for whatever reason why he’s not walked back into work,” said Benjamin, who has been reflecting on stories of his son, like when he made the local paper after he found a guitar at a homeless shelter on Thanksgiving, and gave those there an impromptu concert.

“For a minute, they were happy. And he had somebody come up with another guitar, someone with a harmonica, and in his words, he’d say dad we had a jam,” said Benjamin.

“I was just talking to him a week before he disappeared and all of the sudden he’s gone,” said Christina Robles, who considers Ferdin her best friend.

Robles fought back tears reflecting on her high school graduation with Ferdin. The two met in at Mantica’s East Union. Both played in the school band. She remains positive, but says that gets more difficult every day he remains missing.

“He’s one of the smartest guys that I know. I have faith he’ll be able to take care of himself,” said Robles.

Benjamin’s ex-wife, Vince’s mother Rena is in South Carolina helping with the search. The family started a website and a social media campaign in the hopes it will help people recognize Ferdin.

“He’s a giver, he’s kind to everyone, he doesn’t have any enemies. If he’s out there and he can hear this, come home,” said his mother Rena.

The family also started a GoFundMe page, hoping for donations to cover the costs of the trip to South Carolina to help find Ferdin.

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