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Ft. Worth Police Officer Secretly Caught on Camera Buying Gas for a Stranded Citizen

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A citizen secretly snap a picture of a Ft. Worth, Texas police officer using his own credit card to buy gas for a stranded motorist.

The citizen taking the photo then tweeted it out to the police department saying Man ran out of gas, and fortworthpd used his own credit card to buy this man gas. Signed: Made my day hash tag #act of kindness”

Ft. Worth police responded saying “This was sent to us on Twitter…we have really great officers and people in Fort Worth don’t we??!!”

Many people responded with similar compliments about Ft. Worth police officers. Here are a sample of some of the compliments:

Love you guys

Fort Worth Police Department and we love YALL!!!

What a great department y’all have! Really enjoy your posts.

Ft Worth PD has the best officers!

I ran out of gas in Downtown Ft Worth three years ago, and a FWPD officer came to my rescue as well, and did the same thing for me.

I wish I could find the officer that gave me $20 and an iPhone car charger when my phone died one night and I had no idea where I was at. He even led me back on the right highway. I’d love to pay him back! (I was 16 and apparently didn’t know how to read signs)

Police officers is one of the main reason we love Fort Worth , Muchas gracias oficiales. God bless you all.

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